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Empresa especialista en envolvente de edificios, diseño arquitectónico

Solar control glass –  IGG International Glass Group

IGG International Glass Group is one of the largest manufacturer group worldwide of glasses with low-emissivity and solar control coatings. They have different factories, as well as its own production of float.

In the most prestigious building sites from all around the world, there has been chosen Ipasol solar control glass. Proof of this is the success obtained in Spain with our international EMC partner, represented in works such as the satellite Terminal of the airport of Madrid, the Airport of Valencia, Central Headquarters of Banco Santander, District C Telefonica or the Rivas Mall, among many other projects of great importance.


Skylights and smoke ventilations systems – Brakel Atmos

Brakel Atmos belongs to the multinational CRH group and is one of the largest producer of skylights in Europe. With their own systems they have done in the last 20 years works of great prestige and have obtained recognition in product quality and execution.

In Spain Brakel Atmos and it’s international partner, EMC, have been executing in recent years, works of great importance as the new headquarters of Banco Santander, district C Telefonica, Valencia airport, Teatros del Canal, Gran Plaza 2 or Plaza Rio.

Special façade systems – Octatube

Octatube International BV is a company headquartered in the Netherlands which is recognized as a leader worldwide in the development of special structural glass facades. The aim is always to achieve a very representative and unique in their design and implementation structure.

In the past 25 years, they have performed works worldwide with its QUATTRO design and in Spain, important companies placed their trust in us, as Banco Santander for the Dome of its Mainbuilding, The building «The cube» also in the Financial City of Banco Santander, Madrid Arena, or The New Terminal Of Valencia Airport together with FCC.

Architectural panels – Hoesch

Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH is a company with headquarters in Germany, a leader in the manufacture of steel sandwich panels. It was the first European company to implement linear elements of production in the 1960s. Our products for construction have convinced our customers for decades, demand for various types of buildings, from commercial use to cold stores. In Spain its`s been supplied more than 200,000 m2 for properties such as Ikea, Volkswagen, Lidl and Cessna projects successfully.

Fibre Cement Panels – SVK

SVK is a company located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, and is a manufacturer of fibre cement panels of last generation, for envelopes.

After it’s success in the rest of Europe, SVK has decided to introduce its products in Spain, opening a technical/commercial office in Madrid, to collaborate in the prescription with the most significant architecture and engineering companies and with the support of its international partner EMC.

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